The admissions procedure is simple with a few clear stages. We have registration for 96 students aged 7-25. We would consider all referrals but maintain we are a school for children with SEMH needs and hold this in mind at all times when considering referrals.

Referral and Assessment Pathway

Stage 1

  • School receives a referral in writing with the students EHCP plan and other relevant documentation
  • The school will have an initial discussion on whether they can meet the student's needs. This may involve consultation with the team currently working with the student
  • Families may not be involved at this point

Stage 2

  • If the school feels they can meet the student's needs and an appropriate placement is available, the school will seek to contact the family and arrange a meeting with the student, family and/or other professionals
  • The aim of this meeting is to consider the potential placement, support required and gather any other information required to evaluate the likely success of the placement

Stage 3

  • If positive, we will arrange for the student to visit the school and following this, make an offer of placement to the placing Local Authority or person offering the funding band and a transition pathway, that would support the success of the placement

Stage 4

  • Once an offer has been made, it is up to the Local Authority and the family to accept the offer

Stage 5

  • Once agreed, the transition pathway is organised and actioned


Referrals should be made to the Executive Headteacher or Referrals Officer by email or post:

0208 422 2999 Ext 200

Useful Documents

Admission Policy

Referral Form


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