Celebrating success and exam results


Celebrating Success

Seva Education celebrates successes at every level for our students. Pupils’ achievements are celebrated on a weekly basis during educational assemblies by showcasing the work of our students and the hard work they have put in each week. Certificates are awarded to students alongside staff. Celebrating success is part of life at Seva Education.

The following successes are considered as an achievement:

  • Outstanding work and participation during lessons
  • Achieving weekly goals set by teachers
  • Upholding outstanding attendance above the national recommendations

There are many forms of success that are celebrated. We pride ourselves in supporting our students to become more confident.


Exam results

In line with our students’ needs, attainment levels are assessed consistently.

Due to the cancellation of GCSE and A’ Level exams in 2021, the DFE will not publish any school educational performance data based on tests, assessments, or exams for 2021. Teacher-assessed grades were used to determine final outcomes.

2022-23 we do not have any students within the KS4 cohort. Examination results will be published in the academic year 2023-24, where we will have a cohort of KS4 and KS5 students.


‘Every road leads to a Path of achievement’

Pupils at Seva Education develop various outcomes depending on their independent academic goals. At Seva Education we celebrate all successes, from academic achievements to preparation for adulthood achievements.

We support our young people to transition smoothly to their next academic or career destination.

Destination Statistics

Below outlines the data (%) of our students who have transitioned on to the appropriate paths:


Results in the next academic year

We will be publishing the results here in the next academic year. Please come back here later.