Our remote learning philosophy and process

Remote leading

Seva Education’s Remote Learning

To ensure there is flexibility to the ways in which our students receive their education, we have implemented new strategies for learning to ensure our students are still provided with the relevant provision and support in times when they cannot physically be on site.

Above all else, our remote learning provision is to ensure that our students remain engaged in learning and they continue to be excited to learn. Relationships between the teacher and the student, as well as each student and their peers, are central to the sustainability of learning and so must be a focus alongside the students’ wellbeing. Remote learning can never replace the value of face-to-face teaching, but we recognise that sometimes it might be necessary.


Our aim of remote learning is to keep the curriculum as full and ambitious as we can and accessible to all. We teach as broad a range of subjects as when students are in school through live lessons, pre-recorded lessons and the setting of relevant tasks. We recognise being in school cannot be replaced by remote learning entirely, but we must teach our children the key skills and knowledge whilst working remotely and know that they have a secure understanding of these before we move on. There is a strong focus on English and Maths skills and ensuring excellent access to the wider curriculum alongside this. Interventions continue remotely for those that need additional support, for example in reading, writing skills, phonics, Play Therapy and SALT. Extra-curricular activities include Circle of Friends, Social Virtual Clubs and Debate Clubs on topics of interests. These are all run remotely.

Equity in access to learning is vital and the school provides devices and internet access to all those that need it .

*This is capacity and resource driven.

Our Online Remote Learning Offer

Microsoft Teams is used as a primary platform for creating our student’s classrooms. We have worked closely with teachers and parents in designing our platform alongside the Seva Education’s expectations.

Our offer is a hybrid of live lessons alongside pre-recorded lessons and self-directed tasks.

There are several advantages of using Microsoft Teams as well as the live lesson element.

Microsoft Teams Advantages

  • Easy to use and accessible from all devices
  • Effective communication and sharing
  • Speeds up the assignment process
  • Effective feedback can be given to children to move their learning on
  • No need for printouts using paper
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Effective commenting system for feedback to learners
  • In the event of a whole school closure or the temporary closure of individual pods due to a positive case of COVID 19, remote learning will commence online the next working day
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Aims of Remote Learning

All Seva Education sites will:

  • Provide a suggested weekly timetable for families that reflects the expectations of time required for each subject
  • Ensure that every class teacher communicates the learning expectations to their class at a prescribed time at the start of the week for approximately 15 mins
  • Ensure there is opportunity for feedback to children about their work and there is a session for misconceptions built into the week that is regular to ensure there is support for the children
  • Review and give feedback on every child’s English and Maths work at least once a week

  • Provide students with access to the whole curriculum
  • Allow students to have daily direct teaching input from their teachers
  • Receive feedback to enable children to progress and improve
  • Each Class will have been given a timetable showing when their live sessions will be and suggested times to access their pre-recorded sessions and other assignments set
  • On some occasions we may have to implement the remote learning approach through bespoke packages

Keeping in touch

The following mailboxes will be monitored during periods for the use of remote learning.

Administrator@sevaeducation.com for general enquiries

sevatherapist@sevaeducation.com for therapy support

Pastoralteam@sevaeducation.com For any family support or support with student wellbeing.