Pastoral support

Pastoral support

Our Pastoral Support Team is committed to support our students with behavioural, emotional, social and mental health difficulties. Our Pastoral Team works closely with our therapist team to ensure our students are in receipt of our therapeutic support through the relevant pastoral and therapy strategies.

Our Pastoral System plays an integral role in allowing our students to also succeed and reach their educational goals alongside developing characteristics to be tolerant, respectful, and courteous citizens. We recognise that students and their families can face various barriers. At Seva Education we implement a holistic approach through collaborative work with our families and external agencies.


Our Vision for Excellent Pastoral Care at Seva Education:

  • On admittance to our schools and colleges all our students are flagged to our pastoral support officer
  • We ensure that our students feel happy and safe
  • We work with our students to feel confident in speaking to the right key staff if they are concerned or upset
  • We ensure that our students feel respected and show respect to others
  • All students are supported to achieve the best they possibly can in whatever they do
  • Motivation and recognition of the positive efforts they make at Seva Education
  • Ensuring that communication with parents is kept at a high standard and that parents feel confident in the support provided by the Pastoral Team
  • Communication with other staff is effective and allows students to feel supported holistically
  • Issues of poor behaviour are dealt with consistently and effectively
  • Staff training on behavioural techniques are consistently reviewed and provided

The Pastoral Support Process

Stage 1

  • The Pastoral Support Officer reviews the student's EHCP and develops a transition plan
  • Introduction to families so that they are aware of the pastoral team services

Stage 2

  • Assessments/Observations of the student's SEMH needs
  • If support is required, development of the following documents:
  • Behaviour and Emotional Card
  • Initial Assessment Report – Breaking down the needs observed, and the relevant provision required
  • Pastoral/Mentoring Sessions Plan
  • Positive Behavioural Support Plan is developed if required and shared with relevant professionals and internal staff

Stage 3

  • Interventions are provided alongside relevant provision

Stage 4

The review cycle:

  • Provision is reviewed termly and annually at the annual review meeting

Pastoral Support Officer also provides support to parents such as the parent forums, workshops, and other relevant group sessions. For more information on our Pastoral Support please contact our Pastoral Support Manager

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