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Work Experience



Work experience is a crucial way to develop key skills and self-confidence. At Seva Care Group we provide equal opportunities and ‘learning for all’ to develop a wide range of life skills that can be achieved through our work experience pathways. Work experience starts from Year 10 onwards for our students.

We promote aspirations and life skills at all levels, to ensure our students and clients obtain the relevant strategies that can be used when accessing the wider community and attempting to obtain work independently.


School Work Experience (15 –16-year-olds)

As part of the Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) pathways, one of the key components for developing independence is Employment. We ensure that our students at Seva Education obtain the appropriate skills across the board, which will support their transition to adulthood.

The fundamental elements of employment are embedded into the curriculum as part of our student’s personal development lessons, providing our students with the strategies which will prepare them for the day that their work experience placements will commence. The personal development lessons in years 10 and 11, focuses on the following aspects:

  • CV writing and building
  • Job application writing
  • Preparation for work
  • Career Pathways
  • Job interview techniques

Work experience is an extremely beneficial and valuable part of our students’ education, especially our year 10 and 11 students. It allows our students to spend time in a workplace and experience working life in a real-world setting and gives them a chance to try out the line of work that they have an interest in. It provides a kick start towards their work experience which can be listed on their CVs.

Our students also have access to Seva Care Hubs, which will further increase their opportunities to develop life skills.

When will my child do work experience and how long will the placement last?
Work experience starts week commencing 15th April 2024. All students do work experience in Year 10, or occasionally in Year 11. The placements last one or two weeks depending on the chosen placement and the agreed length of work experience.

Do we find the work experience for our child?
We do expect students to find their own work experience with help from their parents, guardians or carers. You will be notified at the end of the spring term and provided with our work experience guidance leaflet. Further support and guidance will be provided by the student’s class teacher or the Head of School. Finding work experience independently is a crucial part of the process in encouraging and motivating students to become more independent, however curriculum time and support staff will be assigned to also provide extra support during the Personal Development lessons.

What happens once a placement is found?
Once students have obtained a work placement, our teaching and pastoral team will ensure that the employer/service organisation is checked to meet all Health and Safety legislation and we will be in contact to obtain a risk assessment and Service level agreement.

Will my child’s support staff be able to support them at the work placement?
If this is an appropriate option, it will be key for you as the parent, guardian or carer to ask the employer whether this is an appropriate option. If this is the case, we will offer support where necessary.

For further information on the work experience pathways for Seva Education (primary and secondary school), please contact Shaun Buchanan on 020 8422 2999

Further Education Work Experience (17–25-year-olds)

Seva Education has designed a solid foundation for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) as they transition to work and independent living.

Our Further Education site offers an extensive range of work experience, employment and volunteering opportunities at our community-based locations. We offer programmes running for a duration from 4 weeks to 52 weeks.

The vocational programme for 17-to-25-year olds is flexible in its design and works alongside the Local Authority and its partners in supporting young people to aspire in the following areas of learning:

  • Employment
  • Independent living
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Community inclusion

We offer a comprehensive vocational platform of learning combining practical skills and educational learning through AQA and ASDAN courses.

  • Year 1 will incorporate Pearson courses from Introductory to Level 3 across all our vocational opportunities and rotated each term
  • Year 2 will include ASDAN courses within a chosen vocation as listed below incorporating mentoring skills and next steps in employment opportunities

For further information on the work experience pathways for the Further Education site, please contact Shaun Buchanan on 020 8422 2999

Our Learning Centres Work Experience

From the age of 18+, it is our core objective to provide a solid foundation in promoting independence, skills, and knowledge that would be beneficial towards our clients’ futures. Seva Care Group has developed a structure that implements a person-centred support plan, to ensure that our clients’ goals are met consistently.

The personalised support plan process

The personalised support plan is based on a pre-assessment, where we are engaging in a 1:1 discussion with our clients. This gives the support staff the opportunity to know the client further and to learn about their likes and dislikes by determining what future achievements they would like to fulfil and how we can support them to achieve this.
By providing AQA and ASDAN certificates, this allows us to incorporate life skills that are linked with health and wellbeing, travel training, money management, road safety, cleaning, office work experience, horticulture and many more. These personal development courses open career opportunities across many areas of employment, where clients will understand the true value of day to day living.

Seva Care Group Hubs

All students and clients have comprehensive access to our Seva Care Group Hubs during work experience learning, to ensure that they experience real-life work experience and increase their social and interaction skills with the wider community.

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Seva Café

The Café supports individuals with an interest in the food and hospitality industry to gain essential employability skills. Individuals can choose from a range of programmes available at the café including customer service, food hygiene, food preparation, barista training, health and safety and many more.
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The Allotments offer individuals opportunities to learn more about horticulture, increasing employability skills to those seeking a career in gardening and other outdoor employment opportunities.

Programmes are tailored in a way that suits all our individuals and are not dependent on any prior level of experience or knowledge in horticulture. Individuals are taught practical skills that help improve prospects of employability.

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Catering provides opportunities for hands-on experience in a fully operational commercial kitchen setting. We support individuals in gaining and improving essential employability skills in hospitality and catering, increasing chances for future employment in this industry.
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The Snack Box

The Snack Box Project supports individuals to develop essential work experience and work related skills with paid or volunteer employment opportunities.
This project involves delivering snack trays to businesses, liaising with customers, dealing with money and banking, daily bookkeeping, stock controlling, labelling, inventory recording and preparing snack boxes according to customer orders.

  • Liaising with customers
  • Banking and money skills
  • Bookkeeping
  • Stock control
  • Labelling and inventory recording
  • Picking and packing
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Business Administration

Hands-on experience in a working office environment, supporting individuals to increase their employability skills. We also provide specialist job coaching and CV writing support.
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Independent Living Flat

Preparing for independence and adulthood can be daunting. Whether you feel ready for independent living or want to develop your independent living skills, this environment provides an opportunity to develop your daily living skills with the support and supervision of trained support workers.

Within this programme students will be provided with an opportunity to gain a range of life skills in personal hygiene, nutrition, maintaining a habitable home environment, cooking and money management.​

For further information on the work experience pathways for the Learning Centres, please contact Abigail Bennett on 020 8422 2999

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