Day & Learning Centres

Our Day & Learning Centres are for all ages and all levels, with or without an Education, Health & Care Plan

Our Day & Learning Centres offer a range of varied activities in-house as well as in the community. Ideally located in the heart of the town centres where training, work experience, travel training and opportunities for volunteering are possible. Each person’s individual plan is designed to support personal skills, social skills and confidence, as well as developing independence. Staffing levels are agreed following individual assessments of needs, which can range from low to medium and high, enabling high-quality care for our individuals. There are pathways to continue learning and to gain AQA or Asdan award schemes. Activities can include creative and expressive art sessions, leisure and sports, travel training, horticulture, sensory activities, health and wellbeing etc. Each activity is designed with flexibility and is person-centred. This is to promote choice and to suit every ability.

Childrens Saturday Club, For more details call Head Office on 0208 422 2999

For all transport queries, call Diana on 0208 422 2999 EXT 220


Learning programmes

For those aged 18 years + (with or without an Education, Health and Care Plan) who want to continue to improve their independence and employment skills in a supportive environment. Harrow Day Respite in the heart of Harrow town centre helps clients integrate into the community and remain mainstream. Northolt Resource Centre offers a range of varied activities, leisure and sport, and a Sensory Room. We use PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) and professional strategies to support all clients attending the day centre with a tailor-made plan to promote independence and opportunity.

Employment & Vocational Skills

This is a pathway to continue learning and getting ready for working life at one of our sites. This includes AQA or Asdan Award Schemes, The High Street Cafe, Park Hub, Allotments or Job Coaching/Preparing your CV. This can open career opportunities, enhance life skills and knowledge for employment goals and personal growth. Clients will be supported in making their own choices regarding their future.

Health and Well Being

We encourage our clients to build on their physical and mental wellbeing. We provide fitness sessions indoors, going outdoors to explore, cookery classes, teaching easy recipes using fresh ingredients, balanced diets, games, music and movement. We support with personal empowerment and teaching our clients how to cope with their emotions. Other activities include yoga, breathing exercises, community outings, biology/science lessons, meditation, horticulture, Zumba and more!


Community Outreach

Whether someone requires a few hours of outreach or an intensive period to work towards an objective, we will provide experienced staff to achieve their goals. Staff will encourage clients to participate in activities of their choice. This can include the park, cinema, lunches, bowling and other social activities in the local community.

Independent Living

Preparing for adulthood, where you have to make your own decisions, can be exciting and increase anxiety at the same time. Under the supervision of our trained support workers, you can develop a range of daily living skills. For example; cooking, cleaning, organisation techniques, kitchen safety, shopping experiences, internet safety, money management, personal hygiene, health and safety and more!

Travel Training

Providing young adults the confidence to travel on different types of public transport to increase their confidence and independence. We support with reading maps, timetables for public transport, how to pay for their travel and road safety.

Social Enterprise

Opportunities to work in real working environments to increase employability
confidence. We have the allotments, café and office responsibilities to promote independence and work experience.

Work experience programme

Saturday Children’s Club

Ages catered for :  11 years to 16 years
Operates from :      Northolt Centre, 330 Ruislip Rd, Northolt, UB5 6BG.
Times :                      10am until 3pm
Transport :               No transport provided for Saturday Childrens Club

Our Children's Club provides a variety of activities according to their abilities, aspirations and goals discussed with the families whilst they attend the Club.

We offer individual timetables taking into consideration areas of development for each child.

We also provide a variety of community outing activities, such as travel training, shopping experiences, fun and fitness, photography, road safety, danger awareness and engaging with local communities.

We also teach children who attend how to become more independent before stepping into adulthood (personal hygiene, cleaning and organising, time keeping and money management, cooking, etc.)

Events are hosted to help them enjoy learning about other cultures and faiths, special Festivals are celebrated throughout the year.