Seva FC

Our first football club!

As an achievement tool we would like to provide opportunities to our students so that they can consistently be part of a unit, with strategies and rules incorporated into an extracurricular activity such as football.
Seva FC is more than a football club. The club is based on the idea that educational excellence and social mobility could be achieved via the medium of sport; that a commitment to striving for excellence in sport could drive excellence in life.
The bedrock of the club is education. This has seen attendance of participants at or local park grounds which is also used for Physical Education lessons and is situated at the heart of one of our hubs (Seva Café).

“Seva Education continues to use sport plus education to provide their participants with a sense of normalcy and to equip, empower and enhance participants capabilities for not just survival, but more importantly prosperity.”

Seva Education aims to increase inclusion within the game of football and raise awareness of SEND students being provided with opportunities to reaching their dreams. We are working alongside our neighbouring schools to ensure unity and friendly matches to provide our footballers with a sense of achievement.

Let’s cheer on our Seva FC and we look forward to your support at our matches.

“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet” – Ronaldinho.